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At Texas Barbell Syndicate we aim to keep things as simple as possible. We are completely transparent in how we do our memberships and our billing. No hidden fees - no gimmicks. When you sign up you just pay first (pro rated) membership dues plus tax. That's it. Then - we auto bill you on the first calendar day of each proceeding month. Simple.

Contact us today for more information and membership pricing and/or to set up your free tour and first training session! Book your appointment by clicking here!


Are you in town visiting? Or do you want to just come by and get a killer lifting session in? No sweat! (Until you get here of course...). We offer the following drop-in prices:

Single Day:  $15.00

Week Pass:  $40.00


*ALL DROP-INS & VISITS MUST BE DONE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please book your appointment by calling/emailing us OR online by clicking here.


We do offer the ability to schedule a team training session at our facility for you and your team. Come and let your team train and make use of our multiple competition set ups! Not to mention all of our other specialized equipment!

Contact us for more details.

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