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Our Staff



Mark Peltier has been involved in athletics and fitness his entire life. He found strength training and powerlifting while still in high school playing football where he competed regularly at the scholastic level. He found Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 2007 and fell in love with the art, eventually achieving the rank of black belt. He picked back up strength training to help with his jiu-jitsu and while training he fell in love with it all over again.

Now, Mark is a competitive powerlifter and a USA Powerlifting Certified Senior National Level Coach. He's always around TBS giving training tips, helping with technique, spotting, encouraging, and training himself and with the family.



Mirtha is the definition of "Mom Strong". She started her fitness journey in CrossFit. After spending a year training she decided to move on and pursue strength training. Now - she has several years training under her belt and is an active competitive powerlifter and a Certified USA Powerlifing Club Level Coach. She believes that all women should strength train, empower one another, and no one should ever feel intimidated to pick up the barbell!

You can find Mirtha at TBS working the front desk, offering tips and advice on training, spotting, encouraging, and lifting heavy weights in her own training! When she's not at TBS, she's at home spending time with her sons and family.

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