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Our Story

Texas Barbell Syndicate was an idea founded by Mark and Mirtha Peltier in early 2016.

After spending over two years of training at a local commercial gym, and going through all the inconveniences that are associated with that, we decided to look for a more suitable place to train. Both of us being powerlifters, we wanted to be able to train with like-minded people in a well-equipped facility built for the lifter - a place for both the strength athlete and the average person wanting to strength train alike. After doing countless hours of research - nothing really seemed like it could fit. That's when we decided to take things into our own hands and the idea for Texas Barbell Syndicate was born.

We wanted to place where people could come in and have all the proper tools and equipment to lift heavy weight and build overall strength. Such things as multiple squat racks, competition benches, platforms to deadlift on, competitive powerlifting weights and bars, chalk bowls, plates upon plates, and more importantly - an atmosphere where everyone felt like a family and PRs were encouraged and celebrated!

From that goal - we developed our mission statement which sums up our philosophy:

"It is our mission provide for those people who are tired of the large commercial gyms, the steep prices of small personal fitness studios, or the rigid structure of boxes/clubs with:

• The best possible facility and equipment when it comes to powerlifting, strength sports, and barbell-based strength training

And also

• A culture that creates a friendly, positive, and supportive atmosphere for all.

Whether it be through powerlifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, strength sports, or barbell based strength training and fitness, we will have every ingredient to help you reach your goals and ours - building strength together.

Mark & MIrtha @ The USPA Fall Classic
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