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Texas Barbell Syndicate is a family owned and operated powerlifting and barbell-based strength training facility built by lifters - for lifters.

We are people who were tired of the constant issues of trying to properly lift and train at a commercial gym: The waiting for a squat rack while someone was using it for curling, the lack of proper training equipment, and the random looks while going for a PR.

We are people who were tired of the inconveniences and costs of the personal training facilities. There are some great trainers out there - but between booking a training session, the cost, and only having an hour to train - its too hard to maintain for most.

We are people who were tired of the rigid structure and outrageously steep prices of the Box gyms. Some may have nice equipment - but being confined to lifting during a class just wasn't for us... and neither were the crazy prices.

Texas Barbell Syndicate can be described in three main categories:

Our Story: How we started.

-Our Staff: Who we are.

-Our Culture: How we do what we do.


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